Sports Writing Jobs from Home

The number of sports channels has grown from one or two to about ten. The prime time given to sports has increased. Apart from cricket and hockey, people have a high awareness of other games. India has produced several top ranked players across all the sports. Social media has helped create more awareness. Private sponsorship has created franchise based sports model in various sports where Indian and international players play together. Because of all this, there’s requirement of so many content creators. Be it for social media or websites or for videos, there’s requirement of really talented writers, and sports content writing jobs are in plenty.


Some of the important considerations that may help in landing a sports content writer’s job are:

  • Own Blog: sometimes it is very important to have a blog of your own. It gets people to notice you and can serve as a handy link to share your portfolio of different genres and niches. If you’re writing well, it will ultimately get noticed. Do blogging consistently for a few months, and also keep a few samples handy on the blog for various kinds of jobs that come up.
  • Portfolio: while your blog serves as a portfolio in itself, many of the prospective clients look for sports content writers on specific freelancing channels which make it easier for them to search talent. They don’t usually go around searching for blogs. Therefore, a regular presence at most of the freelancing platforms is ideal. Also, the profile with experiences and other details, including the work portfolio or samples should be updated. It’s very important to get you content writing jobs.
  • Activity: during the start of your journey as a freelance content writer- you’ll need to be proactive at several of the freelancing platforms. Updating profile, applying for jobs even slightly below your expected charges without reducing your self-worth, and writing brilliant cover letters will help you gain first few clients. After getting a few orders, it’ll be about completing them to client’s satisfaction and offering a review or two.


Among the most important features, what will help you is having a niche. Even a sports content writer can’t know about all sports due to the variety of sports being played all across the globe, many of them overlapping. Therefore defining a niche and creating sample articles while keeping in mind the trending topics on those niche can help you get ahead of the competition. Being proactive requires having a general portfolio as well as a niche portfolio with in-depth knowledge of SEO in that segment, including the increasingly popular long-tail keywords. Any content writer must anyway have basic knowledge of SEO but if it’s about your niche, you need to be unbeatable so that the chances of bagging the project in that niche are very high and you are able to deliver high quality content at high speed.

Dog Days of Summer Heating up MLB Races

As the Dog Days of summer roll along, something that leaves many football fans yearning for what appears to in fact have become America’s pastime over the last couple of decades (the NFL), the races across Major League Baseball (MLB) are both interesting and dull. Hmm, can that happen at the same time?

While only one of the divisions appears to be an outright runaway around the middle of August (Cubs have been leading the National League Central for much of the season), others are relatively tight, with some being just a couple of games apart between first and second place.

So, starting with the interesting news that one can find on a cool sports fan blog, it turns out you can be bad one season and be pretty darn good the next in most professional sports. Then again, the reverse is turning out to be true too.

The San Francisco Giants, winners of the World Series three times in recent memory (2010, 2012, and 2014) are once again in the hunt in the N.L. playoff race, this after a horrid 2015 campaign.

Battling the arch-rival Los Angeles Dodgers for much of the season, San Francisco could be on course to capture yet another title this season, one that would continue its string of even year championships.

As for the N.L. East, pre-season favorite Washington shows no signs of letting up, having a comfortable (yet not decisive) lead over its closest competitors.

The exciting news over in the American League is that all three divisions appear to be up for grabs, especially in the A.L. East

As of mid-August in the East, less than three games separated the top three teams.

So, with five-of-six races relatively close, aging Miami outfielder Ichiro Suzuki reaching the 3,000-hit plateau, Boston great David Ortiz closing out his final season of ball, not to mention the Cleveland Indians having a legitimate shot at bring the city its second major sports title in the last 52 years (Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Title), all appears well in MLB.

As for the Strikeouts

Okay, someone had to drop the bad news at some point and time, yes?

Despite all that good news, there is some gloom and doom hovering around MLB, though this year is certainly not the first time that has ever happened.

Disgraced homerun slugger Alex Rodriguez announced recently that he would not finish out the season, stating he was retiring before the middle of August even arrived.

Once a bright young star with the Seattle Mariners; Rodriguez has spent the latter part of his career on Broadway (since 2004) with the hated New York Yankees.

Making Rodriguez even more infamous has been his ties to steroids.

As he closed in on trying to reach 700 career home runs before his sudden retirement, A-Rod wasn’t exactly receiving a ton of love from most fans around the game.

Meantime, to the surprise of a fair amount of people on and off the field, A-Rod’s Yankees were trading players left and right after the All-Star break, looking to shed some salaries and stock up on young talent.

Even though the Yankees are far from being mathematically eliminated in the A.L. East race, it appears they have slowly put up the white flag, indicating to others around the league that they are not going all in on winning the division pennant.

Despite the moves in the Big Apple, nowhere near is it more apparent that a fire sale is going on than in San Diego.

Host of the 2016 All-Star Game, the Padres have had to basically rework their lineup cards for several weeks now, players coming and going like the surf does in America’s Finest City.

After making some big off-season moves prior to the 2015 season (moves that did not pan out), San Diego was a little quieter coming into this season. As it turns out, the club could very well end up with a worse record than last season before all is said and done.

For many season ticket holders in San Diego, they’re left scratching their heads and wondering what happened to their hard earned money.

So, races in most of the divisions, a class act such as Suzuki reaching a major milestone, and even Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza entering the MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this summer.

Overall, not the worst of seasons around American ballparks.

But if by chance this season has not been your cup of tea, keep in mind that the college football season is literally just a couple of weeks away from starting.

When it does, only the diehards of MLB will likely be watching baseball that is as football continues its rise in popularity nationwide on both the pro and collegiate ranks.


Soccer Practice Gear: What Kids Need Before the First Practice

When your child begins to play soccer, they need specialized clothing and equipment to enjoy the sport. Parents can put customized soccer t-shirts on the list of items needed by their children. Each team has a certain color that the players wear on a soccer field in order to make it easier to see who is playing. In addition to choosing the proper color for the shirts, pants and jackets that are worn by your child during soccer games, you need to order the correct sizes. This guide from Soccer Garage will give you all the information you need to buy the equipment your child will need on the pitch.


Lightweight Fabrics for Summer

In hot weather, a child needs to wear lightweight soccer shorts rather than pants. It is a good idea to choose shorts that match the shirts that you have already purchased. Make sure to choose shorts that are the correct length because your child is going to run and jump while playing soccer. The best shorts for soccer are made of a machine-washable fabric. Select shorts that are made with a comfortable elastic waistband and that also have wide leg openings to permit airflow while playing during a heat wave.

Buy Protective Soccer Gear

In addition to clothing, your child requires soccer socks and protective gear such as pads for their knees and elbows. You should visit a dentist to have a customized mouth guard made for your child’s teeth. A traditional item worn by soccer players are thick knee-high socks that are designed to protect a child’s lower legs from bruises while playing.


A List of the Best Tips for Playing Online Slot Games

Slot games are a dime a dozen in places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the like. There’s also no denying their popularity, with millions of people vying for the slot machines with the hopes of winning big. Their simplicity is a big draw for many individuals, but they are also lots of fun to play. Truly, slot games are here to stay.

But what about online slot games? Online slot games have quickly gained a good number of followers as well, not only because you can play them at any time and from anywhere, but also because they are fun and entertaining. Also, with online slot games, you have a lot more choices available compared to traditional slots. If you are serious about winning at online slot games, however, you shouldn’t forget these top tips and strategies:

Develop your bankroll

One way in which you can win big at online slot games is to develop your bankroll. Just like in traditional slot games, you have to develop and add to your bankroll so you can place higher bets. And, in order to build up and develop your bankroll, you can begin by betting on the minimum bet and then progress until you already have a good amount. After a while, you can increase your betting amount, but you should still make it a point to maintain your bankroll at a sensible number.

image2Select a good game

Another way in which you can improve your chances of winning at slots is to select the game that’s best for you. There are games that might not be your forte, so you should stick to the ones that you know you are somewhat good at. Don’t be afraid to experiment with an array of games – this is the only way you can figure out which games are best for you.

Start simple

As mentioned, it’s always best if you experiment first. But if you are a beginner, you should start with the simple games. Go for the basic three-reel classic slot games first so you can get a better feel for how it works. Afterwards, when you have more experience, you can move up to the more complex games such as film-themed slot games, 3D slot games, and so on. The point is to make yourself thoroughly familiar with the online slot game process so you can feel more comfortable.

Be prepared to lose

As with any game, be it an online game or a real one, be prepared to lose. You will not always win, so if you expect to have a hundred percent win every single time, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Remember that the wheel turns, as well – after one losing streak, you might start winning. So just keep at it when you play online slots, and maintain that positive attitude.


Boxing Gloves and a Nation’s Heart

Of all the countries with a tradition and love of boxing, none seem to identify so personally with the sport as Mexico. The country has produced hundreds of amateur and professional champions, a line in which Canelo Alvarez is just the most recent with his knockout victory over Briton Amir Khan. Also unique is that Mexico is identified with gloves and handwrap manufacturing, with none so famous as Cleto Reyes. Is there a cultural connection between the style of glove and the sport’s tradition in Mexico?

Everlast and Adidas boxing gloves have their fans, but when it comes time to step into the ring, the name many fighters invoke is Cleto Reyes. Casanova, Title, and Grant are also well-known Mexican glove brands, but Reyes is the undisputed champion, and the list of fighters who have worn these gloves is a who’s who of the best boxers in the world – and even the famous ones pay full price and don’t get endorsement deals. Every pair is still stitched by hand in the family-run workshops outside Mexico City, the padding is still a unique mix of latex and horsehair, and the leather is still personally selected by the founder’s son.

Reyes gloves have a reputation as being a “puncher’s glove”, meaning they deliver a lot of impact. They have a narrower profile through the hand and look a lot less puffy than other brands across the knuckles.

Look at a list of Mexican boxing champs, and you’ll notice that nearly all of them are well under middleweight. Watch them fight, and you’ll notice that they don’t stop punching, as is not uncommon in the lower weight classes. But some say that national pride drives a fighting style that doesn’t rely on holding or dancing. A glove that offers more impact with every connection favours someone who moves and punches fast, and Mexican fighters absolutely dominate those mid-range weight classes.

In a 2014 interview with the American newspaper the Washington Post, company director Alberto Reyes said his glove is actually less dangerous for fighters because the more heavily padded gloves cause reverberations that do more traumatic brain damage than the “hard but clean shot” produced by his design.

His father Cleto Reyes was homeless by the age of 12 in the early 1930s, making money in a workshop that made baseball gloves. He started teaching himself to make boxing gloves after hours, and little by little, they became known and demanded by the best. They broke into the American market in 1978 when Muhammad Ali requested a pair after a loss to Leon Spinks. Although the products and manufacture have been updated and improved over time, those beginnings are still close to the surface of the Reyes business.

As the family’s third generation begins to take over, they are staying true to their roots and keeping their nation proud.


Is Colin Cassidy the fresh new face of the tag team division as next generation superstar in the WWE

Description: interested in knowing about is Colin Cassidy the fresh new face of the tag team division as next generation superstar in the WWE? Here you will find all the relevant information to your doubts and queries about him.



Colin Cassidy was born on August 16, 1986 and made his wrestling debut in 2010. He is a professional wrestler and currently signed with the WWE (world wrestling entertainment). He is a wrestler who has started his young career in the company and was part of the developmental program NXT for four straight years and made quite a name for himself. He may look big and strong but still he looks like the mid card wrestler. Colin has made his entry in the company in perfect time when they were short handed and had left only few tag teams but he and ENZO has taken the charge once again by enlighten the tag team division. There is no doubt with a man of his talent really belongs to the right place and has the excellent mike skills as well as physically strong.

  • How was his early career?

At first he started wrestling the company’s training house FCW where he wrestled for almost two years and eventually polish his wrestling skills even more. From that point on Colin very quickly drafted to the NXT watch wwe wrestling online program.

  • What was his NXT journey?

He made his first ever TV appearance in the development program NXT and very quickly made an alliance with the ENZO and since then they have decimated the tag teams in their paths. They have defeated ascension, Tyler breeze and CJ parker and many more and for competing all these years he has got the ticket to be part of the main roster.

  • Does his arrival in the main roster is best for tag team division?

Without a doubt his new entry in the main roster is mean something watch free wrestling Shows online and we can see that he will lead this company to the new heights and make proud and become the greatest tag team wrestler of all time.

  • Why fans like him so much?

Since his performance in the NXT the fans has already supported him throughout his wins or losses and now it is totally depend on him how well he will connect with the live crowd.

  • What about his present condition in the company?

Right now he and ENZO will face the vaudevillians to determine the number one contenders for the WWE tag team championships on May 1, 2016 at Payback pay per view.

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Why Should You Purchase the Benchmade 530?

When you are looking to purchase a new knife, regardless of what it will be used for, one thing that you are looking for is reliability. After all, what good is a knife, if you cannot depend on it to perform every time you use it? The Benchmade 530 Pardue is among the most reliable knives on the market. Strikingly thin and light, this is the perfect pocket knife for every enthusiast out there.

Benchmade Bushcrafter comes with a nice, buckskin leather sheath.

The basics of the Benchmade 530 include the spear point blade and coffin handle that will make this knife feel as if it is not even in your pocket. Because the handle boasts dual thumb studs and reversible pocket clip, it is great for right-and-left-handers alike.

Features of the Benchmade 530 include:

  • Spear-point blade
  • Overall length: 7.42”
  • Blade length: 3.25”
  • Blade thickness: 0.090”
  • Handle thickness: 0.370”
  • Grivory handle scales
  • AXIS locking mechanism
  • Reversible tie-up pocket clip
  • 154 cm stainless steel blade
  • Plain cutting edge
  • Blade hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Satin finish
  • Weight: 1.88oz.
  • Made in the USA

Hiker, biker, or otherwise, you will love the look and feel of one of the best designed knives you will find today. Those who already own a Benchmade 530 will boast of its elegant look and well built, extremely sharp blade. They will be able to attest that the fit feels perfect in anyone’s hand.

This is a perfect, compact pocket knife, thin as air, for every day carry. The AXIS locking mechanism provides all the security you need, but it is effortless to open with one hand.

Thanks to its neat, folding design, the Benchmade 530 can sit flat inside a pocket. Despite its relatively slight frame, the Benchmade 530 is great for anything you can think of, from kindling, to cutting boxes or small pouches, to plastic mailers, and even small branches. It is a knife that can do it all.

The Pardue gets great recommendations, especially where its price is concerned. Nothing is better for the money.

Get squash accessories under one roof

Squash is becoming one of the popular games in recent trend, it was originated in recent decades and now it was included in international sports games. People from various countries are eagerly participating to play squash games which are quite different comparing to other games. Generally tennis, badminton, squash and shuttle are considered to be indoor sports games that are played inside the court. These games are tougher than it looks like, body fitness and concentration power is required highly to bring out your talents on the game. One has to keep on beating the balls that comes towards them as per the rules. Crossing the rules will be taken as foul and points will be given to the opponent.

Many sports enthusiasts are eagerly participating in squash matches and showing their skills it is not a matter either to win or loss but one can achieve more if proper training is given to them. Generally tennis and squash game look similar but more importantly racquets used for all these indoor sports games look similar. In tennis game takes place between two players where one has to beat the balls from opponent but in squash players has to hit balls on the walls. Becoming a great professional player is not an easy task one has to work for long period to achieve their stage.

It is entirely fun and entertaining to play new games so that so you can become a great player soon. Playing games gives physical workout to the body and reduces their tension. Scientists has analyzed that people who keep on playing regularly will not suffer by cardiac problems and other health disorders. They can be active for long days children are encouraged to play games every day so that their brain power will increase. Playing games improves the concentration power largely it is a better exercise for body both mentally and physically. If you want to stay fit and healthy then play your favorite sports game during leisure hours.

Save cash through shopping online

People no need to struggles in search of better sports store just since online shopping makes prominent in purchasing every accessories at best quality. Beginners will confuse in choosing the right quality it will make them to confuse. Hence to ease these confusions sports shops are helping customers with right choices. Racquets are available in different categories, suggest your preference to them they will help in picking the high quality model. If you have more doubts check out the best brands through internet then purchase the suitable model.

People may feel tough to find the perfect racquet for their game to make their job quick and easy online stores are started. You can get all sports accessories at Squash Store like racquets, balls, shuttle, badminton racquets and other sports products in one store. If you are not satisfied with the product then return it to the sellers within limited days and get the money back on time. This is trusted service that employs more useful facilities for the customers to get their sports products.

Update more info about horse gaming

If you are person, have lots of desire in getting attached with horse games then hope this article reveals some new about the horse racing and betting actions. From past decades horse games are played only by the people who are rich and have more wealth. Even in ancient years, horse racing is considered to be the games for kings and royal people in the society. Others who are weak in background status used to watch those horse sport games. But the generation is changing nowadays that makes the horse racings and other horse sport games common in current trend. If you are passionate in engaging with horse games, you should pursue your career towards the goal. Jockey is the person who rides back on all horse races; they have more values during the racing activity. To become jockey, one has to undergo severe training and has to bear lot pain in maintaining their body with lots of workouts and exercises. In olden days gambling activities are banned and people who involve on horse racing are arrested and restricted to pursue further on horse racing. But now the situation changes, later few years it was approved by the government now the horse races where conducted in several parts of the world.

You can see countries which organize world class horse tournaments are economically wealthy, since people who invest money earn several millions just through bettings actions. This famous sport has been changed to great gambling and equestrian event which is taking part in so many parts of the world. Gambling has been accepted as a legal sport game which is organized in every racing event. You can watch lots of appealing events organized during the tournament and it get you wonderful feeling while participating at one of the world best sports games.

Guidance for participating in horse racing

Before getting on to the equestrian sport just explore about the betting spots and strategies to be followed in horse racings. Without any idea investing on the horse race will be waste of money, it won’t offer any profit. It is better to start your own level by joining on the sports after learning more about it from live updates. Sports channels, magazines and articles written by famous persons will guide you lot and get some interesting facts. While learning about the famous horse breeds and its power will be helpful on participating at the horse racing so they can get more updates about the horse which they are betting in current level.  News from the track will help you keep updated on live actions all the time. Nowadays people don’t have much time for their entertainment, even for hobbies. If you wish to know about horse races organized in popular stadium then get frequent updates from the online blogs and websites.

Internet connects people with their favorite game activities; it will be cheerful to keep yourself updated with social activities all the time. Many professional websites are operating successfully that get live updates for the people about the betting aspects. It is advisable to look onto various sites for obtaining detailed information on horse racing.

Essential tips to become a horse blogger

Horse racing industry is the biggest industry in which money plays a great role. And it is well known game for gambling. The people who want to earn money through gambling, the first thing that comes into their mind would be horse race. Literally, if you turn the pages of historical pages of horses, you can find a big portion that could depicts the popularity and the importance of horse race and gambling on horse races. And this has been continued till this modern day.  The places, horses, terms and conditions might differ but the interest of people on horse racing and the gambling on it will never get altered. In order to make this true, you can see the wide range of horse racing events all over the world. Some events are world popular and the people who are betting on those kinds of horse events will make money in bags and bags. Though we can earn money in lump sum amount, it is essential to apply the proper strategies to win the gambling games. As we all know, we cannot predict the success and failures in the gambling world.  If we have luck on our side and we have some logical thinking strategy, then we can rock the industry.

But in order to achieve this you should have a sound knowledge regarding it. Hence you should surf the internet in order to gain more information regarding that could help you to take the advanced step carefully. And also you can become a horse blogger and can write the article about horses and its associated details. Always the news about horses are hot and trending among the people who are interested in racing and gambling so that you can catch the attention of those people by creating an own blog for horse.  Update the blog daily with the reliable details daily. And make them stick with your interesting flow of writing. Write to the point and be crisp. Do not bore the readers with the unwanted big boring sentences. Since always reading would be boring for many of the people and we cannot concentrate on text alone for more time. So insert some interesting videos that are related to your content and the images that are cool. This will encourage your reader to stay on your blog and hike the interest on your articles too.

Moreover with the knowledge that you have gained out of this, you can also implement the techniques and the strategies in the horse racing events which might fetch you the major successes. You can also make money out of it easily. As you have already acquired the proper knowledge, it will be useful for you.  And getting success with the help of it would be easy for you. But in order to achieve this you need to spend more time should put more effort to gain the expected results. F you are interested in this topic then you might feel it difficult to accomplish the task.