Modern career diseases

The world of work, especially when it comes to the modern highly competitive working environment, as any social organism, has its own rules or interaction in order to achieve to main goal. Climbing the career ladder nowadays isn’t as easy as it seems because the job requirements are getting tougher and tougher, there is a fierce competition on the labor market because there are more and more qualified specialists who are trying to list to find a job.

Of course, working professionals feel this pressure, but nevertheless tend to come down with some career “diseases” that can weaken their position on the market. Let’s consider these typical “diseases” so that younger generation of successful employees could avoid them.

1. Picturing yourself as an immortal, sinless and irreplaceable professional

If a team is not capable of self-criticism, is not seeking renewal and strengthening, can not see its own shortcomings, it is sick. So, professionals who have stopped seeking new ideas or methods, hesitating and learning have entered the stagnation stage and no longer can be effective.

2. Overworking

When people are up to their eyes with work and do not want to have some rest. Neglecting this necessary rest often leads to stress, overexcitement and professional burnout. This disorder must be taken very seriously because everyone needs time to recharge one’s batteries.

3. The intellectual and emotional indifference

This is mainly about the leaders with a heart of stone. Those who over time have lost warmth, good spirits and buried themselves under the piles of paper. These are real bureaucrats who have no compassion. Being a leader means to have humane attitude to your employees, altruism and generosity.

4. Excessive planning and “functionality”

When the plan every last detail and we believe that the perfect plan always works. Indeed, we have to be prepared well, but it is also worth letting a bit of spontaneity and intuition in our life.

Life is always richer than any human plan. We can easily fall prey to this disease because we are used to walking the same predictable paths.

5. Professional “Alzheimer”

The problem is the loss of memory. We don’t remember those who taught us and supported us in our career path. We see this forgetfulness in leaders and subordinates who are completely stuck in the moment, in their passions, desires and passions. In those who built a wall around themselves.

6. Rivalry and vanity

This career disease attacks leaders whose primary goal is instead of taking care of people, employees, cherishing their own privileges and ranks.

7. Gossiping, slander

Everything starts with the desire to keep the conversation going and gradually takes possession of the whole man. Talking behind one’s back is always wrong because a person who does it sows the seeds of discord in a team which negatively influences its spirit. It is necessary to have courage to solve problems with others face to face.

8. Worshipping to supervisors

This disorder touches those who curry favor with the higher rank in the hope to gain their favor. These people are usually the victims of careerism, they cater to specific individuals thinking only of getting benefits. As a rule, these people are flying low, they are unhappy, and all of their motives are selfish.

All of these diseases are very dangerous for anyone who is engaged in any activity in the team. Before to apply for a job make sure you don’t have these disorders because you can do harm to the company you are going to work for. If you see that your colleague or boss is turning to inhumane, indifferent slave driver who cares only about himself, talk to him about the problems in his career because it is always better to solve these problems together.

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Most selling brands in India

The Indian automobile industry is showing some positive trends in the last few months. The sales figures have shown some positive results with the new launchings and the festive seasons. The year 2014 has been a sensational year for the Indian automobile industry with maximum new launchings by the favourite brands.

The most sought after brand in the Indian automobile industry is the Maruti Suzuki brand with nearly 50% of the cars sold every month having Suzuki logo. In November 2014, the Maruti Suzuki has 1,000,19 cars sold out of a total figure of 2,08,926 units. The Maruti 800 and the Maruti Suzuki Alto are the only two cars which have crossed sales figures of 25 lakh units.

The hatchback Maruti Suzuki Alto is the top selling car in India with 24,201 units (for example) sold in November 2014. There are 8 more Maruti cars in the list of top 20 best selling cars in India. The hatchbacks the Swift and the Wagon R and the sedan Dzire are regularly having monthly sales figures of more than 10,000 units. The other popular Maruti vehicles are the Omni, the Ciaz, the MPV Ertiga, the Eco and the Celerio with monthly sales figures of nearly 5000 units.

selling brands in India

The Hyundai brand is the second most popular brand in India. At a time when Maruti brand was monopolising the small sector of the Indian automobile market the Koreans have entered the market with their hatchback Santro. Now they have 4 cars in the list of top 20 best selling cars. The hatchbacks Elite i20 and the Grand i10 have monthly sales figures of nearly 10,000 units every month. The hatchback Hyundai Eon and the sedan Xcent  are also popular with average monthly sales figures of nearly 5000 units.

The Honda brand is the third most popular brand in India. Their sedans the Honda City and the Amaze and the MUV Mobilio are in the list of top 20 best selling cars. The Mahindra brand is popular with their different models of utility vehicles. The MUV Bolero has a place in the list of top ten best selling cars in India. The SUVs the Scorpio and the XUV 500 are two other popular Mahindra cars.

The diesel models of the Tata brand are very popular because of their high fuel efficiencies. The sedans Zest and Manza, the hatchback Indica and the SUV Safari Storme are the most popular Tata cars. The Toyota with their MUV Innova, the SUV Fortuner , the sedans Corolla Altis and the Etios is another bestselling brand in India. The Ford with the EcoSport, the Volkswagen with the Polo, and the Renault with the SUV Duster  are few other best selling brands in India.

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What cars are both practical and elegant?

Finding the right balance between style and practicality is something that you should always consider if you want to make the most of a car purchase. Any car you are looking for, like the popular Nissan Rogue for example is a great mix of beautiful and practical, elegant and powerful. But in order to find the vehicle that combines all these qualities in one beautiful car you have to sometimes go through a lot of things and find out what different makes and modules are about to get to the bottom of whether they are worth buying or not. Cars like nissanmurano are now available online and often they are much cheaper there but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to study their specifications carefully and test drive them. The quality of the car is in proportional dependence on how much work you have done as a driver.

Nissan rogue is one of those crossovers that is great for all weather, is powerful and enduring, while also being beautiful and maneuverable. It is great in terms of being really economical and can help a lot of people find the best way to both have a car and not spend too much on gas while also hurting the environment as little as possible. It is also very stylish and boasts an elegant interior, that is spacious and has a lot of space both for passengers and also for the cargo. Fuel economy attracts a lot of people to this model and have to make sure that if it’s something you are worried about this is a great car for you. The newest Nissan rogue is overall a great car for those who like crossovers that don’t cost too much but are still pretty powerful.

When it comes to Nissan Murano it is one of the first midsize crossovers that was introduced to the American market and it is well known in its segment for being a solid alternative choice for SUVs that are traditional yet modern and marching in step with the changing times. Overall, it is a nice classy car that is now has a more responsive transmission, bot h better style and performance which is bound to attract a lot of buyers. There are four levels of Murano that one can choose from and they range from the most basic ones to the pretty nice packages where anything that you would expect form its class is included.So you have to look at your finances carefully and see which of the levels you will find most attractive in terms of your budget.

No matter what type of car you are buying it always helps to be prepared with facts and armed with valuable information you find online from reviews and testimonials. You can beat sales people out of their game by providing quick facts and online quotes for them to match the offer as close as possible to the cheapest one. Cars are fun and shopping for them is fun too!